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and juicy

Meat of controlled origin

Thorough quality control

Fresh, high quality meat

carne jugosa baja en grasa

Young rabbit

An exceptional product with substantial nutritional and culinary qualities.

Rabbit tenderloin

Top of rabbit, cut and prepared.

Front legs

Front legs of the rabbit


Part of the ribs, ready to be fried or cooked.

Hind legs

Hind legs of the rabbit.

Whole turkey

Fully gutted, without feet or head. Ready to be cut into portions.

Whole turkey breast

An exceptional product with substantial nutritional and culinary qualities.

Turkey breast fillet

Thin skinless and deboned turkey breast fillets.

Turkey wings

Turkey wing, second section

Turkey drumette

Turkey wing, first section.

Turkey drumstick

These drumsticks are mainly to be used in stews.

Stewing turkey

Partie du manchon de la cuisse, indiqué principalement pour les plats en sauce.

Turkey steak

Thin fillets of thigh meat that have been specially prepared for griddling.

Cross-cut shank

Cross-cut turkey leg.

Turkey thigh

Leanest part of the thigh, with bone and skin. Perfect for making chops or deboning.


A young chicken weighing less than 1/2 kg. Perfect for grilling, cooking with aromatic herbs, roasting or stuffing.

Stewing hen

Perfect for soups and stews.

Medium hen

Perfect for soups and stews

Lumagorri chicken

An authentic free-range farmhouse chicken that has been allowed to grow slowly and is at least 81 days old

Beef tripe

Beef tripe in a white sauce. Perfect for stewing and with excellent culinary properties

Quail eggs

Boxes of 12 dozen quail eggs. Perfect for frying, omelettes and starters.


A small, plump bird weighing approximately 150-170 g each.