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frescotes calatayud

Fresh food

Whole chicken
and portions

Meat of controlled origin

Chicken vegetarian feed

Packed directly after portioning

carne jugosa baja en grasa

Whole chicken

Fully gutted, without feet or head.

Chicken wings

Packed directly after portioning, without feathers and of the highest quality

Chincken wingette

Second wing-bone used for frying and in paellas.


Part of the wing that is attached to the body containing a single bone.

Chicken legs

Freshly portioned leg of the highest quality.

Leg quarters

Leg containing part of the spine, which has been freshly portioned and is of the highest quality.


Part of the leg typically used for roasting or grilling


Leanest part of the thigh, with bone and skin.

Deboned thighs with skin

Whole, knife-deboned thighs with skin.

Chicken legs deboned and without skin

Whole, knife-deboned thighs without skin.

Chicken legs for grilling

Deboned, opened thighs with skin. For grilling.

Stewing chicken

Thigh meat without skin. Ideal for casseroles and paellas.

Chicken cutlet

Thigh meat fillets without skin. Perfect for griddling or barbecuing.

Chicken breasts

Sold as half-breasts, deboned and without skin.

Filleted chicken breasts

Thin breast fillets, cut by hand and of the same size.

Chicken tenderloin

The most juicy part of the breast located next to the breastbone. Best griddled, in sauces or covered in breadcrumbs

Chicken gizzards

Fully cleaned chicken stomach to be used for broths, soups and rice dishes.

Chicken hearts

Fully cleaned. High protein content.

Chicken livers

Meat rich in iron, protein and zinc.