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Chicken and ham croquettes

Made using a delicate bechamel sauce and containing cooked chicken breast and large pieces of Serrano ham.

Chicken and boletus croquettes

An exquisite combination of a delicate bechamel sauce with pieces of chicken and porcini mushroom.

Chicken breast in breadcrumbs

Fresh breast fillets covered in breadcrumbs. It is perfect for set meals, menus and snacks.

Chicken escalope

Chicken thigh fillet in breadcrumbs. Of the highest quality, with a smooth taste and can be enjoyed by everyone.

Chicken escalope with garlic and parsley

A flavoursome garlic and parsley chicken thigh fillet covered in breadcrumbs.

Chicken breasts filled with serrano ham and cheese

Fresh chicken breast fillets filled with exquisite Serrano ham and melted cheese.

Chicken breasts stuffed with bacon and cheese

Fresh chicken breast fillets filled with real smoked bacon and melted cheese.

Chicken meatballs

Delicious minced chicken balls, suitable for all types of menus and diets.

Chicken nuggets

Made using 100% chicken breast. Flavoursome, succulent and crunchy nuggets that are perfect for children.

Chicken fingers

A juicy breadcrumbed chicken breast accompanied by an exquisite honey and mustard sauce

Villaroy chicken breasts

Cooked chicken breast fillets covered in a fine layer of bechamel sauce and breadcrumbs.

Chicken Rings

Made using 100% chicken meat. Flavoursome and crunchy chicken rings in a fun shape that are perfect for children.

Little chicken breasts bars

Cooked chicken breast pieces covered in a fine layer of bechamel sauce and breadcrumbs.

Little cheese and bechamel sauce rolls

A delicious slice of cheese rolled in juicy chicken meat, dipped in a creamy bechamel sauce and covered in breadcrumbs.

San Jacobo

Made using our chicken meat and featuring creamy melted cheese.

San Jacobito

Perfect for young children as they are small and easy to eat.

Stuffed peppers

A slightly piquant piquillo pepper stuffed with chicken meat.

Cream cheese filled chicken in breadcrumbs

Delicious cream cheese covered in juicy chicken meat and breadcrumbs.