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Chicken chorizo

Delicious chorizo made using 100% chicken meat. Perfect for barbecues or griddling.

Chicken chorizo served with whipped cream cheese and citrus fruits.

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Barbecue burger

Selection of our best fresh marinated chicken meats to obtain an authentic barbecue flavor. Scrumptious.

Barbecue hamburger, brioche bread, barbecue sauce, manchego cheese, lettuce and tomato.

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Shish kebab

Tasty, juicy pieces of chicken meat marinated with a touch of olive oil, a reinvention of the traditional shish kebab.

Shish kebab served with boiled, barbecued corn and mayonnaise.

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Marinated wings

Split chicken wings marinated with paprika and olive oil, grilled on the barbecue to make a fun, tasty snack.

Barbecue wings with grilled pineapple cut in brounoise and basil.

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Creole chicken sausage

Amazing creole sausage made using chicken meat and pork loin. Get your barbecue off to a great start.

Creole chicken with creamy yogurt, ginger and anchovy from Cantabria.

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Garlic chicken steak

Skinless chicken thigh fillets, dressed with tasty garlic and parsley for irresistible barbecue dishes.

Chicken steak with garlic and baked potatoes with butter, salt, pepper and thyme.

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Chicken skewer

Traditional chicken breasts skewers with fresh red and green pepper in between are the life and soul of the party. Tremendous.

Chicken skewers with lightly barbecued avocado cream.

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Marinated steak

Juicy chicken thighs in a natural marinade and a touch of olive oil. Amaze your friends with this new product.

Chicken steak, tomato, braised heart and Cantabrian anchovy.

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