• Matadero y despiece de aves Calatayud

Cárnicas avícolas Calatayud | Carne de pollo de calidad

More than 50 years ago, generated by the illusion and the effort of a family was born in Calahorra the company Matadero Avícola Calatayud, today Cárnicas Avícolas Calatayud.

The Calatayud chicken feed is 100% vegetable, which provides to the final product a healthy, low fat and intense flavor.

Since its creation, Calatayud chicks have been selected and cared for on farms equipped with the best technology, aimed at providing animal welfare and healthy growth, always with the aim of achieving the highest quality.

In order to guarantee the highest quality of our fowls, in Calatayud we take care of the transportation and delivery of all our products and we perform daily services, controlling that the cold chain is maintained at all times.

Calatayud Commitment

The constant improvement in the selection and care of our poultry, as well as the continuous incorporation of technology that guarantees the highest quality in all parts of the process, strengthen our products as a reference in the sector of quality poultry.

Our goal is to offer all those people who take care of their food a chicken of the highest quality: CHICKEN OF CONFIDENCE.

Pollo de calidad Calatayud
Compromiso de calidad Calatayud
The meat of our Calatayud chicken is characterized by being tasty, low in saturated fat, ideal for creating simple, rich and fun dishes for the whole family.

Calatayud Chicken is the Chicken of Confidence either whole, cut up or in dishes prepared and ready to cook.

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